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Travel Monday #1: The Splendours of Al Wathba

Every Monday during the month of August, Kawa invites you to discover a breathtaking destination in the Arab world. Today, it is on the side of the United Arab Emirates and more precisely Abu Dhabi that we are taking you. Are your bags ready?

When you say United Arab Emirates, you generally imagine the temple of excess and luxury. Yet there are still free places in the Emirati nation where nature seems to have regained its human rights, such as Al Wathba, a suburb of Abu Dhabi.

Fossil dunes

This suburb of Abu Dhabi is home to treasures unknown to tourists and offers a unique natural landscape. The first must-see place: the fossil dunes. These are sandhills like nowhere else. Formed from ancient wind-struck rocks, the Al Wathba formations are characterized by perforated and gilded twists, forming strange, almost supernatural towers. By taking this route off the beaten track, you will face an unusual view of the Emirate landscape and experience a sense of loneliness in this expanse of soft sand and eroded figures.

The nature reserve 

source : Visit Abu Dhabi

Al Wathba also has a nature reserve that extends over nearly 5km, where wildlife is preserved. This rich ecological area is home to more than 250 bird species, including 4,000 flamingos and about 30 plant species. To have the chance to explore this human-sized aviary and open-air, no motor vehicles are allowed, only the most adventurous hikers will have the privilege of enjoying this unique moment which takes place mainly between December and April.

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Published on 5 August 2019