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Tunisia relies on a new strategy to attract its visitors

On the Mediterranean coast and on the edge of the Sahara desert, thanks to its turquoise waters and colorful cities, Tunisia is one of the favorite local destinations of the French. After long months of pandemic and sanitary restrictions, Tunisia is counting again on tourism to boost the country's economy.

Deserted since the Covid-19 pandemic, Tunisia has lost 70% of its tourism revenue while the sector employs more than 500 000 people. Real economic engine of the country, Tunisia is happy to open its doors again to visitors, which should exceed 9 million in 2022.


From seasonal tourism to sustainable tourism

The recession of the sector has invited Tunisia to revalue its heritage and to turn to ecotourism. Tunisia has seven sites and monuments classified by UNESCO, at the heart of the country’s new strategy. For several years, the country has been trying to strengthen its attractiveness by preserving and developing its natural and cultural resources.

The capital, Tunis, is focusing on new charming accommodations in the heart of its Medina, more traditional than hotels. The Tunisian communication is also intensifying around its biodiversity, especially around the national park of Ichkeul in the north of the country. The main objective focuses on the transformation of seasonal tourism, favored by travelers, to a tourism that lasts throughout the year. Finally, Tunisia relies on partnerships with European countries to promote its destination.