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Two Arab films selected for the Toronto Film Festival

The coronavirus won’t take over all the major film festivals. The Tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) and the Venice Mostra have announced that they will take place, even if they have to revise their formulas to comply with safety regulations. They have also announced their selections, and the Arab world is not at half-mast.

Two Arab films have just been selected to participate in the Toronto International Film Festival. They will be included in the “Discovery Program”, which sheds light on young authors.

The future of Palestinian cinema?

The first, Gaza My Love, is the latest film by the Nasser brothers, a duo of Palestinian directors. It will be screened for the first time in the “Horizons” category of the Venice Film Festival, where it is also selected. It is a love story with twists and turns between Issa, a sixty-year-old fisherman who hides a secret (a statue of Apollo found in his fishing net), and Siham, a woman who works in the market. With the local authorities on his heels, will the old man manage to declare his flame to the object of his desire?


An Egyptian documentary film

The second one is called Lift it like a girl (basically, Lift it if you’re a woman). Directed by Mayye Zayed, it is an Egyptian documentary film that traces the intimate journey into the inner life of a budding weightlifter.



These two works will allow the Arab culture and the societal stakes of these regions
to shine internationally in the eyes of the greatest number, and it is not to be excluded that other works will be added to the list of those present at the major film festivals of 2020. Here’s to your popcorn!


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Published on 3 August 2020