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Two brown bears from the Himalayas find refuge in Jordan

Two Himalayan brown bears from the zoo in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, have just been admitted to the Al Mawa for Nature and Wildlife sanctuary, located not far from Jerash, north of Amman, Jordan. A new life for these animals who have known many misadventures…

These two brown bears are called Suzie and Bubloo, and they were what we call “dancing bears”. Fairground beasts. In distress in their zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, they were rescued by the Four Paws animal protection association, and the authorities have just approved their transfer to Al Mawa for Nature and Wildlife, in Jordan, a sanctuary located not far from the famous Roman ruins of Jerash, north of Amman.

A life-saving NGO

Their former owner, who could generously be described as negligent, left these bears in bad shape. Deprived of their teeth, with claws that were much too long due to lack of care or mobility, the bears landed in the Islamabad Zoo, before attracting the attention of  Four Paws. It was the latter that took charge of providing them with veterinary care (the female Suzie, in particular, needed surgery for a tumor that was poorly treated), and organizing their transfer to the Jordanian sanctuary.


Change of life

There, the park managers will do their utmost to ensure minimal stress and good adaptation. They will be accommodated in heated spaces to compensate for winter temperatures and will have their own private pool to withstand the heat of summer. Last month, this same park also took in Kaavan, a widowed elephant, also from Islamabad, in an operation that made a lot of noise, especially because she was being carried by the singer Cher. Since then, the elephant has been able to be reunited with his family, 9 years after the death of his companion, in 2012.

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Published on 15 January 2021