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WEF 2018: Saudi Data-Rich Application Shines at Davos

A Saudi delegation at the World Economic Forum announced the launch of the International Performance Hub, a unique Saudi data visualization tool.

The colorful platform pools data from World Bank and OECD databases and renders them user-friendly, for the masses. Behind this is a strong will by the Kingdom to situate itself globally, as it steps up its performance through huge moves in terms of its economy and society, under the guidelines of its Vision 2030.

Cross-country comparisons

The International Performance Hub allows cross-country comparisons via 12 main thematic pillars, including education, energy and industry. 500 Key Performance Indicators allow you to fine-tune your search.

The online tool allows you to answer those burning questions: Where is women’s participation in Parliament the highest? And which citizens have the most access to cellular technology?

The best part of IPH? The tool’s social media integration, which allows the infographics produced to be shared across multiple networks.

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A tool to foster transparent

The French economist Jacques Attali, President of Positive Planet and the Positive Economy Forum, a data and knowledge partner of the IPH, described the significance of the tool: “The International Performance Hub announces a much-needed tool to foster transparent and positive governance through shared knowledge about the impact of public policies. Its launch in Davos is a very promising beginning, and an opportunity to make it a truly global and collaborative ambition.”

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Published on 26 January 2018