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What’s that giant frame standing in Dubai?

Used to superlatives, the city of Dubai has once again excelled with a masterful contemporary work: The Dubai Frame. A giant frame surrounding nothing but the sky and an emirate in constant evolution.

A link between historic and modern Dubai

Designed by Mexican architect Fernando Donis, The Frame stands in the middle of Zebel Park, away from the city centre. An atypical structure, it stands out like a border between old Dubai and modern Dubai. Inside, there is a double exhibition on the city’s past and future. And yes, as sublime as it is to contemplate, The Frame can also be visited! In 45 seconds, a cabin takes you to the top of the building. But don’t be afraid of heights! You’ll have to walk across the upper part of the frame, which is actually a glass floor, at an altitude of 93 metres! Fortunately, two opaque walkways accompany this glass walk.

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At the top, 150 metres above the void, access the 100-metre-long observation platform. A 360° vantage point from which to admire the city of Dubai from every angle. On the north side, you’ll see its most authentic side, and on the south side, its luxurious, oversized allure. It’s time to take your best photos!

A well thought-out design

Right down to its conception, The Dubai Frame weaves together ancestral know-how and cutting-edge materials. It combines futuristic lines with architectural elements from Arab tradition, such as the moucharabieh. And what can we say about its golden frame, sparkling in the sunlight, made up of 15,000 m² of steel slats coated with titanium nitrate. A play of light is created, with the glass surfaces changing colour as the hours go by. These striking visual effects create a magical atmosphere all around.

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Published on 25 January 2024