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600-year-old coral colony discovered in Saudi Arabia

A huge coral colony, 600 years old, has just been discovered on the island of Al-Waqadi, becoming the first of its kind in the Red Sea.


An unprecedented discovery 


10 meters high and 600 years old: this is a spectacular discovery announced by Red Sea Development Company, the company in charge of the territorial development project of the Saudi coastline. Experts announced that this coral colony was the first discovery of its kind in the Red Sea. 


The age of the coral reefs could be estimated by measuring the size and number of rings that grow annually on the external structure of the colony, as well as through the presence of giant redwoods.

A historical and scientific reference 


Experts say that the study of these reefs could allow us to learn more about past centuries; as well as the temperature of the ocean in previous years and its chemical composition at that time, thanks to the scientific reading of the coral reef rings. This unprecedented discovery also flatters the Saudi tourism.


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Publié le 7 September 2021



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