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A first certified camel riding school in Dubai

This is a first on the Arabian Peninsula: a certified camel riding school. Co-founded by a German woman in Dubai, the establishment hopes to develop a real discipline around a passion that is already well established in Arabian culture.

A camel riding school in the United Arab Emirates? You read that right! In Dubai, the first certified camel riding school has opened its doors. The Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre is exclusively dedicated to teaching this local popular hobby which is also an important part of the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

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“Deepen the riding skills”

Linda Krockenberger, a German resident of Dubai, is the driving force behind the centre, which was founded with a local partner, Obaid Al-Falasi. “There are other places where you can ride a horse, but they don’t usually offer such an in-depth experience with the animal (…) or the opportunity to deepen their riding skills” told Mrs. Krockenberger to Reuters.

For thousands of years, the camel has been an integral part of Arabian culture and has always been used for transportation and as a source of survival. Today, camels are particularly popular for racing in the United Arab Emirates, with prizes reaching thousands of dollars.

Publié le 10 August 2022

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