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Baghdad sees snow for the second time this century

On Tuesday, residents of the Iraqi capital woke up to a rare sight. A snowy one. Yet the last time the city saw snow was in 2008, and prior to that, it had been over 100 years!


Kids precipitated outside to play in the snow, experiencing it for the first time. Some still had their feet covered, wearing flip flops as no one anticipated the event.



For what is likely to be the first time for Baghdad natives, they had to clean their cars before heading to work. Many took to social media to capture the phenomenon.



Usual weather trends have certainly disrupted the norms around the globe, and Iraq is certainly no exception, as it has been hit by a series of extreme weather events in recent years.



Unlike the mountainous regions of the north of the country, known for their snow, Baghdad is notorious for its’ record-breaking heatwaves. In the summer, the city was met with scorching hot temperatures, exceeding 50°C.

This time, a cold front coming in from Europe had Baghdad’s characteristic palm trees blanketed with snow and the whole city mesmerized.

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Publié le 13 February 2020