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BTS has electrified Riyadh

The long-awaited concert of the phenomenon group K-pop, this musical genre imported from South Korea, was simply a hit. In a packed King Fahd international stadium, the boys band delighted fans from all over the kingdom.

For many spectators, this was a first at a K-pop concert. However, the Korean group’s fan base is huge in the kingdom, as it is all over the world if you look closely. 

A global phenomenon

Indeed, the K-pop wave quickly invaded the whole world, the BTS group being the headline of this already emblematic cultural movement, especially among 12-25-year-olds.

Saudi Arabia is no exception. The concert announced several weeks ago had caused a lot of ink to flow and, above all, increased the ticket office’s figures. So it was in a packed King Fahd international stadium that the band sang their greatest hits, such as “Boy with Luv,” “Mic Drop” or “Dope.” 

The beginning of a K-pop era in the kingdom

The screams, tears, and cheers of the audience intensified when the artists displayed their linguistic talents to address their fans in Arabic, giving out “hello”, “thanks” or singing “happy birthday” to one of the boys’ band members. 


They left promising to return to Saudi Arabia, confirming the tendency that this performance should pave the way for more K-pop concerts in the kingdom, where, obviously, there is a particularly dedicated audience for the genre.

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Publié le 17 October 2019



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