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5 inspiring women from Oman

In the Middle East, and more specifically in Oman, women are gradually taking their place. Indeed, Omani society is increasingly welcoming their ideas, their desire to undertake, their thirst for emancipation. The United Nations confirms this: “Oman is one of the most progressive states in the Gulf in the area of women’s rights. Discover the portraits of 5 inspiring women from Oman, who are moving the lines.

1 – Miss Kamla, businesswoman


Miss Kamla is what she is called. Kamla Al Aufi, businesswoman, is one of those women whose success story inspires. Urged on by her father, who kept telling her that she was the best, she spread her wings and created her first natural stone company in 1999, at the age of 25. She markets Omani marble, a sign of luxury and a guarantee of freshness. Keen to go further, Kamla Al Aufi now runs two other companies, one in real estate and the other in recycling. Happy to share her experience, especially with women, she declared in an interview for RTBF: “All women are strong everywhere in the world. The rest is just a matter of culture.”


2 – Safiya Al Bahlani, determined artist


Assuming one’s difference, taking up life’s challenges… Through her journey, Safiya Al Bahlani carries a profound message of hope: everything is possible. Born without forearms and with a deformed left knee, the young woman fought throughout her schooling to assert her identity and be independent. She uses art as a form of therapy. Her emotions and experiences find form on paper. While pursuing her studies in the field of animation, Safiya continued to paint and eventually collected 38 of her creations. These will be the subject of her first exhibition in 2010. Since then, the young woman has multiplied her projects around art, giving inspiring conferences in companies, schools, but also in the framework of TED Talks.


3 – Basma Al Said, mental health icon


This woman, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, is a pioneer. She created the first clinic dedicated to mental health in Oman and leads numerous awareness campaigns. Her goal? To promote the importance of mental well-being in society. Basma Al Said’s initiative has been rewarded on several occasions, notably by the Arab Women Council.


4 – Fatma Al Nabhani, tennis player



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Fatma Al Nabhani had her first success in tennis at the age of 9. At that time, she won the West Asian Championship in the U13 category. This was the start of a professional career, marked by four singles and four doubles wins on the ITF World Tennis Tour. She has been honoured by Nike as a role model for female athletes in the Arab world. And an inspirational woman from Oman. 


5 – Ibtisam Al Salmi, professional sailor


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Ibtisam Al Salmi is one of the first female professional sailors in the Middle East. She began her career as a volunteer with Oman Sail, where she was an instructor. With this experience, the young woman started to compete in various sailing races around the Arab countries. In February 2020, Ibtisam Al Salmi made history by reaching the podium of the EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour. An inspiring woman made in Oman!

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Published on 23 November 2021