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Arabesques Festival : from the 9th to the 16th of September 2021 in Montpellier, the 16th meeting of the Arab world arts

The Arabesques Festival is more than a festival, it’s a complete experience: a place of meetings and exchange in order to promote almost every single form of Arab culture. It has become a must-see festival and even the most important one in its category in Europe. The 16th edition will take place in the sunny city of Montpellier as the 10 previous editions, from September 9th to 16th.

Proud of their Franco-Algerian and Franco-Moroccan roots, as well as eager to promote Arab culture and make it accessible to everyone, Benaouda Sadi and Habib Dechraoui founded the Uni’sons association in the 2000’s.

Over time, they have expanded their missions (artistic events, musicians’ professionalization, artistic and cultural education…) and their fields of action. Thus, the Arabesques Festival held its first edition in 2006, from its founders’ international involvement.

Various workshops and performances are spread over several days, and include art in all its forms: concerts, stand-up shows, dance or acrobatics shows, tasting booths of oriental food, henna and calligraphy workshops, everything is organized in order to honor Arab know-how and craftsmanship (and the list goes on !).

The clever mix between tradition and modernity, whether it’s in the music performed, the literature introduced…, and between emerging or already established artists, contributes to this immersive and universal dimension. On the other hand, this festival of a Thousand and One colors must take place in a mysterious place and exotic atmosphere ! And this is exactly what the beautiful and easily accessible from the city of Montpellier, Domaine d’O offers to the Festival, thanks to its shady pine forest: a successful combo since this is the 11th edition to be held within the property.

Both young and old alike will have a great time, as everything is thought out for the largest audience: from young people (age 6) and families, to professionals. In fact, in the continuation of the work of Uni’sons, the Festival offers a day dedicated to professionals, where exchange of experiences, speeches and discussions on the cultural industry and world are planned .

Regarding prices and packages, it’s possible to book one show (about 20 €), or to get various week-end passes (between 40 and 60 €). Free sets are also available for everyone.

A perfect way to end – or extend – your summer in style!

For further details, please visit the Festival website.

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Published on 20 July 2021

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