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The Art Dubai exhibition showcases Palestinian creativity !

This Thursday, March 29 and for a week, the fourteenth edition of the Art Dubai exhibition, organized by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, introduces its enthusiasts to art galleries from around the world. On this occasion, it is in the heart of the Souk Madinat Jumeirah that the Zawyeh gallery takes us to the borders of Palestinian art. 

Among the fifty international galleries opened for the event is the Zawyeh Gallery, a Palestinian art hub that promotes emerging and established artists through multiple thematic exhibitions. 

A pride for its director Ziad Anani who succeeds for the first time, to create a collective of three Palestinian artists. “We have two emerging artists for whom we have never exhibited in Art Dubaï” he said.

The collective then consists of Bashar Alhroub, for whom the exhibition is not his first, Ruba Salameh, whose works are already exhibited in the streets of Dubai and and Yazan Abu Salameh, who will exhibit for the first time this year in the United Arab Emirates.

These artists have one goal: to highlight the Palestinian art scene, which is still too little known on the international scene. Anani, expatriate in the United Arab Emirates after living in Palestine for 34 years, explains: “The art market is very weak. We hardly have any collectors in Palestine. This is mainly because artists are separated from their families or cannot travel.” 

And the result is up to the expectations of its organizers. Visitors discovering the place were not only impressed by the artists’ work, but also connected to Palestine through the creators. “When we exhibit in Dubai, there are a lot of Palestinians who want to come to the gallery to see the artworks, because they may be disconnected from their land. They are Palestinians, but they live abroad“.

A not-to-be-missed event for all art lovers!