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Dubai: The ME Hotel opens its doors for the women’s art exhibition “Sense of Women

From March 28 to April 20, 2021, it is within the walls of the magnificent ME Hotel in Dubai that the exhibition entitled “Sense of Women” will be held, a unique event entirely dedicated to female artists.

An exhibition initiated by the art collector Alejandra Castro Rioseco

Organized by the MIA Art Collection Foundation, the idea of this project came from its Chilean director, artist and collector, Alejandra Castro Rioseco. Her goal: to bring together some 900 works of art from her all-female collection in order to promote the empowerment of women and their place in an art world still too dominated by men. 

And this woman is not just starting out. It is her affection for women’s art that has led her to embark on a number of philanthropic projects, including the creation of the MIA Anywhere virtual museum dedicated to women artists, as well as the awarding of art scholarships to women artists

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Now a member of the Guggenheim Middle East Committee based in Abu Dhabi, this exhibition is an opportunity for her to show “the capacity of women to adapt to the present and to the tools and technologies of our time”. 

An exhibition that puts women artists in the spotlight 

These women artists, from different countries and cultures are ultimately similar in their quest, and the success of each one reflects on all of us” says Alejandra Castro Rioseco. 

The exhibition “Sense of Women” represents the different elements of an artist’s life: the search for a balance between being a woman and an artist, the pressure of technology and social media in producing pieces that are likely to attract the attention of viewers, but also how to reflect a “pandemic viewer” who seeks – probably now more than ever – to identify herself through art

To address these issues, the event will open with the installation “Breathe”, porcelain gas masks adorned with roses of the same material, created before the pandemic as a curious premonition by the emerging Spanish artist Noemi Iglesias Barrios.

We will then be surprised by the photographs of Ana Daganzo, Spanish visual artist who explores the particularities of the eye, but also the dreamlike world of the Japanese Mari Ito, the strange landscapes of the Russian Liubov Kolbina or the abstract paintings of the Emirati Fatima al-Kindi.

Success guaranteed for this feminine exhibition full of surprises!

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Published on 26 March 2021

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