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Dubai, the New Place-To-Be for Influencers in Pandemic Times

While the entire planet is being hit by the pandemic, more and more influencers or former reality shows stars are fleeing to Dubai where they can peacefully sunbathe, far away from the coronavirus constraints

For several weeks, in France and abroad, many influencers have recently packed their bags to reach the most sulfurous city of the United Arab Emirates: Dubai… but what can push those personalities to leave their cities to settle in the middle of the desert. Return on the history of an exodus 2.0.

“Brand publishing and “sunny posts”

With its striking sun shining all year round, its sandy beaches, and futuristic architecture built in the middle of the desert, Dubai has what it takes to re-boost any gloomy instagram feed, especially in those times of lockdown. While most of the world’s citizens have seen their travel restricted, the Emirati city kept opening its borders to tourists wishing to visit, allowing the tourism industry to take advantage of the downturn in its international competitors. Above all, the UAE intends to become the world’s leading luxury tourism destination and influence leaders influencers from around the world are a perfect match for that, as Issam Kazim, Managing Director of the Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) explained to Forbes magazine in 2020: “We have invested heavily in developing and disseminating new content. We have renewed those that were dated and showed a partial image. We produce brand content, videos, target distribution opportunities or collaborate with influencers to communicate accurate information and show travelers facets of Dubai they don’t know.”

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This is the case of the famous British fitness blogger Sheridan Mordew who recently moved to Dubai and explained to the presenters of the London TV show “This Morning” how important it was for her to keep her audience motivated by publishing “sunny” content. She was soon joined by dozens of fashion bloggers who régularly share their beach and sunscreen pictures, relayed by the hashtag #mydubai from the emirate’s tourist office.

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A favorable territory for brands

Not to mention the fiscal and financial advantages the city has to offer, since there is no income or corporate taxes and the labor is very cheap, an attractive deal for  influencers who are launching their own brands such as Nabilla Beauty, Osée Beauté or JTbyTANTI. But above the taxes advantages of the city, it is also a favourable brand territory for product placements of influencers. Sponsored posts have become considerable in story or on Instagram feed and there is nothing like a beautiful blue sky, palm trees and azure swimming pools to highlight content as the Parisian influential marketing company Kolsquare told the daily 20 minutes “When you are an influencer in Dubai, you can imagine promoting boots to ski in the winter and three minutes later, you find yourself on a yacht promoting a swimwear brand. There is a greater ease in designing and creating content for the brands that solicit you. »

A safe paradise

Beyond the professional and financial aspect, Dubai also attracts for its security and the anonymity it can offer to foreign famous influencers. Many influencers have explained the reasons for their departure by the assaults or burglaries they have suffered in the past, such as Julien Tanti from the french real TV show “ Les Marseillais”, who recently said  to the french magazine Téléstar “I’ve suffered from seven assaults: six burglaries and a hold-up….When you have a family, you tell yourself that you have to go elsewhere. In Dubai, the security is impressive….In France, I didn’t leave my house anymore. I stayed locked up at home. With my children, it wasn’t the best way to live like that. It was my only problem here, insecurity, and I’m not the only one”!” Indeed, another reality TV starlet Maeva Ghennam also said she had decided to leave France after a robbery, even if it meant having to revise her sexy dress code to adapt to the local customs of the emirate.

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Published on 8 March 2021


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