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Formula E Roars by Riyadh In the Sport’s First-Ever Night Race

Saudi Arabia has hosted the first-ever Formula E night race over the weekend, coursing through Diriyah, one of five UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout the Kingdom. Nyck de Vries, driver for Mercedes-Benz-EQ, made history by winning the season-opening E-Prix.

The weekend events was the very first time that Formula E was granted championship status by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, the governing body for world motor sports. The double-header was also the third Formula E event to take place in Saudi Arabia, following a strong showing in 2018 and 2019, and kicked off the sport’s 2021 season. 

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Spectacular Wreck Interrupts Saturday’s Event

The second race was interrupted by a crash between drivers Mitch Evans and Alex Lynn, bringing the event to a halt while the safety car came to the track. Lynn’s car had flown into the air and backflipped after crashing into the side barrier, and was taken to the hospital without incident, being described as “well” by officials after his Saturday discharge. The driver had no significant injuries. 

While Lynn’s car was totally destroyed, the fact that he emerged from the wreck unscatched is a testament to the strict safety standards of the vehicles in play. The FIA mandated halo was largely credited to preventing injury.

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Published on 2 March 2021

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