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Largest 3D printed house is in Dubai

To be able to build houses entirely thanks to 3D printing is a small consecration in itself for this technology, which has gradually imposed itself in all sectors of activity.

Until a few years ago, this would have been science fiction. But for the past five years, houses entirely produced using 3D printing can be found everywhere, whether in China, Russia, the United States, the Netherlands, or France…

 Two floors of offices

But it is indeed in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, that we find the largest in the world. Built using the robotic technology of the Apis Cor company, this two-storey administrative building was created entirely using 3D printing, in particularly difficult climatic conditions. It measures 640 m², and was built directly on site using local materials, thus avoiding the need for transportation, construction and assembly work. Its environmental performance has led some to call it the “habitat of the future“.


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An ultra-competitive site

And indeed, when you know that a team of three company technicians (did you say labor savings?) accompanied by a single machine were able to build such a building, you wonder if, after having established itself in many sectors of activity, 3D printing is not on the way to conquering the world of construction.

Published on 5 November 2020

#3d printing