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Middle-East shot movie Dune’s trailer is finally out!

The last remake of the adaptation of the mythical science-fiction saga Dune is soon ready. As the recently released trailer shows, this opus, directed by Denis Villeneuve for Warner Bros., should keep all its promises. The film was shot in Wadi Rum, Jordan.


This is not a first for the Dune saga, published by Frank Herbert in 1965. It had already been adapted into a film by David Lynch in 1984, and the (very) feature-length film (4h) produced by the iconoclastic director received a controversial reception at the time. It must be said that it was quite a mess. The project, which was initially entrusted to David Lean (to whom we owe Lawrence of Arabia, for those who follow), was finally taken over, following his death, by Alejandro Jodorowsky. He will also break his teeth before leaving the place to Ridley Scott. Rebelote, and here is Lynch in charge of the baby. Add to that the difficulties of shooting (studio to share with another project), and editing (the director’s version was in conflict with the producers’ wishes) and you get… a failure. The film, disowned by its own creator, will struggle to convince viewers and critics alike. Oh well… Much later, in 2000, a series created by John Harrison will also see the light of day on the SyFy channel. A mixed reception for it too. Not everyone is capable of doing justice to a series of books as well as Peter Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings.



A stunning setting

We can however refer, and we won’t be the only ones, to the opinion of the characters of The Big Bang Theory, a band of geniuses passionate about science fiction, to qualify this adaptation: “I’m not a fan, but what a beautiful desert” they let loose in an episode when they stumble upon the film on television.

If, in the 80s, the teams had favored Mexico, it is this time in the Middle East, in Jordan more exactly, that the shooting took place. It must be said that we can hardly do better, in terms of desert, than the landscapes found in the Arabian Peninsula. Thus, it is the Wadi Rum, a reference of the genre, which was chosen by Denis Villeneuve, who is responsible for this new opus, for its immensity, and the harshness of its environment, which fits so well with the universe of the series. Josh Brolin, one of the actors who will play Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa (yes, we too find the cast sexy), even offers us a taste and gives us his impressions of this timeless place:



SF fans and moviegoers of all stripes agree to hope for a satisfying result, and a better reception for this film than for its predecessors… In any case, at KAWA, the trailer makes us want to.


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Published on 10 September 2020