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Saudi Arabia opens tourist agencies in more than 15 countries

In order to attract travelers from all over the world and to attract more cruise ships to its shores, Saudi Arabia is preparing to open multiple tourist agencies around the world.

While the kingdom has already opened offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia to promote the Oriental destination, other locations are planned around the world. And it is from China to North America through India, France, South Korea, Italy, the Nordic countries, Eastern Europe, Japan, Switzerland or Austria that Saudi Arabia intends to establish itself

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We have identified 15 targeted feeder markets and plan to open offices this year to serve them. Three offices have already been opened in the UK, Germany and Russia” said Fahd Hamidaddin, director general of the Saudi Tourism Authority.

This decision comes at a time when Saudi Arabia plans to reopen its borders to foreign tourists very soon! The development of the fledgling tourism industry is part of its Vision 2030 plan to develop the non-oil sector, attract foreign investment and create jobs.

The goal is simple: to attract “cautious travelers who seek sparse crowds and open spaces with its beaches and mountains, while offering “revenge travelers” the opportunity to explore an undiscovered destination.

A beautiful project for the rebound of tourism after this period of health crisis

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Published on 19 May 2021