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Saudi Arabia to create 260,000 jobs in the tourism sector in 3 years

While the tourism sector is suffering from the global coronavirus epidemic, the Saudi authorities have announced their intention to create more than 260,000 jobs in the sector within the next three years. The aim of this measure is to guarantee, under optimal conditions, the opening of 38 new sites to receive visitors by 2022.

A revival of the tourism sector

The COVID-19 period does not prevent the Saudi authorities from anticipating the end of the crisis. For several years now, Saudi Arabia has been seeking to strengthen its tourist attractiveness, and to satisfy its ambition, the government seems willing not to skimp on means.

And for good reason, the Ministry of Tourism has announced the opening of 38 new tourist sites, scattered all over the country, and intended to welcome more and more visitors. As a direct consequence of this decision, the number of staff will be considerably increased. As a direct result of this decision, 260,000 jobs are expected to be created in the tourism sector by 2022.



At present, tourism accounts for about 10% of the average total income of world economies. While some countries such as Spain and France make a major contribution to boosting this average figure, others such as Saudi Arabia are well below average. A bitter observation for the Kingdom, which is moving heaven and earth to remedy this situation.

Ambitious objectives

The creation of thousands of jobs and the opening of some thirty new sites is a response to the Kingdom’s desire to promote and intensify the share of tourism in the Saudi economy, which is seeking to emancipate itself from its oil-rent economy with its Vision 2030 project.



While tourism currently contributes to 3.5% of Saudi Arabia’s total income, the authorities plan to triple this figure by 2030 to reach the famous 10% mark. The Saudi authorities have also stated that they intend to reach 100 million annual visits, both inside and outside the kingdom, by 2030, compared to 41 million visits currently.

Can Saudi Arabia become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world within a few years? Only time will tell.


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Published on 30 June 2020

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