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The Mogagreen project: making Essaouira a pioneer city in recycling

The association Be Green launches at the end of July in Essaouira, Moroccan province, an innovative project of waste recycling: Mogagreen. Respectful of sustainable development, creator of green jobs and promoting integration, this project has an African ambition. Only the investors are missing.

Mogagreen: a project that is committed to sustainability

Morocco currently produces nearly 6.9 million tons of waste each year. Today, most of it is collected and then buried in sites that are overloaded.

The Mogagreen project aims to reduce the amount of recyclable waste that ends up in landfills. To do this, it is necessary to include all the actors in the process while facilitating recycling through the digitalization of collection and recycling. The project will start with the recovery of plastic, cardboard, glass and cooking oil. In a second phase, it will include textiles and old bread.

All links in the chain are mobilized

20,000 households, 20 schools and 300 companies are participating in the launch of the project. To motivate them, they have also set up a reward system: the amount of waste recycled is converted into points that can be used to buy telephone credits. Similarly, one third of their budget is allocated to raising awareness among the population in order to have a lasting impact on the  behaviors.

The Mogagreen project also aims to have a positive social dimension: the objective is to create at least 50 green jobs and to help the collectors to obtain aid by gaining t the self-entrepreneur status as well as by acquiring the technical skills necessary for selective sorting during training courses.

Part of the budget is also dedicated to the creation of a secondary sorting platform that allows for the pre-treatment of waste.

An example of a successful collaboration

Mogagreen represents the victory of collective intelligence: the project was born within the territorial innovation laboratory of Essaouira. These structures, present throughout Morocco, help identify the problems present in each region and try to provide solutions.

And the Be Green association is ambitious: Mogagreen is only a test that, if successful, will be extended to other parts of Morocco and why not the continent. However, if the project was launched in May 2021, its operational phase, scheduled for the end of July, is subject to conditions: investors must be found to finance it.


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Published on 6 July 2021