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Top: our 5 favorite bands of the Baalbeck Festival in Lebanon

Internationally renowned, the Baalbeck Festival, a city located in the Bekaa Valley, took place this weekend for a 100% digital edition available live on Youtube and Facebook. Created in 1956, the festival attracts a lot of people and is a meeting point for local and international artists. The program includes dance, music, theater, jazz and even opera!

On the occasion of this unmissable event of the Lebanese culture, here are our top 5 among the ten groups and performers headlined this year, to listen to or re-listen to asap.

1 – Beirut Vocal Point

This Lebanese choir of a cappella singers is composed of men and women of all ages and backgrounds, united by their love of singing: popular on social networks and especially on Instagram thanks to their covers of jazz hits, pop or Arabic classics, Beirut Vocal Point is a concentrate of good mood and energy.

2 – Taxi 404

With Amin Zorkot and Andy Rustom on vocals and songwriting, and Hanna Yazbeck on drums and percussion, Taxi 404 is a French hip-hop and rap group mixing blues, R&B and jazz inspirations: their flow is poetic and their vibe summery. Trendy videos, two eagerly awaited EPs by many fans and a stage at the Baalbeck Festival, what a few successes for this group that a bright future awaits .


3 – Makram Aboul Hosn (Quintet)

Lebanese bassist and composer Makram Aboul Hosn is joined by two saxophonists, a drummer and a percussionist: the five of them form the Quintet that will present at the Baalbeck Festival a swinging and jazzy work that will make you move on classical or more contemporary pieces. A performance to see live to fully enjoy this journey between genres and eras.

4 – Postcards

Dream pop and indie rock band Postcards was formed in 2013, with cousins Marwan Tohme and Pascal Semerdjian and their friends Julia Sabra and Rany Bechara. With several international shows under their belt (UK, France, Portugal, Germany…), they are also used to festival stages in Lebanon and elsewhere. Let yourself be carried away by the authentic and emotional lyrics by Postcards.

5 – Ghenwa Nemnom

Ghenwa Nemnom is a unique artist who mixes the kanun – an oriental instrument with plucked strings from the zither family – and electro rhythms in her performances: this original melodramatic and funk combination fits perfectly. A new genre to discover!

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Published on 12 July 2021