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United Arab Emirates: A new experiment to tackle the country’s drought

The United Arab Emirates is one of the driest countries in the world. In Dubai, temperatures can even rise to over 50 degrees. To remedy this and cool its inhabitants, the authorities have gone so far as to create artificial rain ... 

Using drones to make it rain 

The aim of Emirati scientists during this period of high temperatures is clear: to find the right solution to help the inhabitants cope with the heat. 

These last few days mark a new stage in their thinking, as a further step in the research is underway. The new technique, also known as “cloud incensing“, has been in use since 13 July and uses drones to send electric discharges into the clouds to increase the possibility of precipitation. These devices gather the fine drops in the clouds, making them dense enough to fall and hydrate the country. 

And this technique works! For a few days now, several drone flights lasting a few hours have already been carried out in Dubai and in other regions of the country

A technique still in its infancy 

Unfortunately, this technique still has its flaws. While it does indeed cause rain, it does not control the amount of water delivered, nor its intensity. Because of the rare rainy days, Dubai’s infrastructure was not built to withstand heavy downpours. 

As the rains became heavier, the authorities had to declare a state of alert in certain regions of the Emirates to encourage motorists to be cautious. 

An innovative technique that still needs to be perfected!