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Zac Efron and Jessica Alba’s crazy Dubai video went viral

For several weeks now, Zac Efron and Jessica Alba have been posting on their respective Instagram photos of their adventures in Dubai without announcing their current project. It was only yesterday that the two stars released a 30-second teaser that 24 hours later has almost 5 million views.


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If we could be fooled by the trailer, which suggests an American blockbuster, it is by watching the end credits that we realize that it is an advertisement for the tourist office of Dubai. And it did not skimp on the means! Not only does it casted two major American stars, with impressive fight scenes, it even features a parachute jump from the tower of the luxury hotel Burj al Arab. 


This short trailer shows us an American couple living in the most luxurious hotel in the city in the middle of a fight. The character played by Zac Efron starts by saying “I don’t want to fight with you” before a motorcycle bursts into the middle of the restaurant. And the action begins… 


What about the benefit to Dubai? Besides the obvious publicity that this trailer offers in the West, this short clip brings together all the emblematic places of the city: Burj Khalifa, to Dubai Creek, Museum of the Future, Burj al Arab… as well as all the activities that we regularly associate with the city, including quad biking in the desert. 


If this publicity stunt is already impressive, the website announces other events in the days to come… 

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Published on 5 August 2021




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