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Kuwaiti online gamer raises $1 million for refugees

On October 29, Aboflah, one of Kuwait’s best-known streaming gamers, managed to raise $1 million in donations to help refugees in the region after 28 hours of live online gaming on his YouTube channel.

His name is Hussein Suleiman, he is 22 years old, and he is one of those “online gamers” who film their video games live, in front of his 20 million subscribers on YouTube. Last weekend, he challenged himself, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), to raise at least one million dollars to help more than 5,600 refugee families as winter approaches.


To do so, the Kuwaiti gamer called for online donations and played live from his YouTube channel for…. 28 hours, and in front of nearly 600,000 people. Since then, his stream has reached 28 million views, shattering several regional streaming records, including the Top 5 global content creators on YouTube for concurrent views.



A sum that will be of great help to UNHCR, as Houssam Chahine, the refugee agency’s head of partnerships in the Middle East region, points out: “With the winter season fast approaching, many refugees and internally displaced families rely on UNHCR’s help to stay safe and provide their children with shelter, food and medicine. The winter season brings additional costs for heating, warm clothing and/or medical expenses, for families who are already struggling to meet their basic needs.”


Publié le 3 November 2021