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Nadim Karam pays tribute to Beirut with this sculpture

Nadim Karam, 65-year-old artist and architect, has been inspired by the Lebanese capital throughout his career. His new exhibition pays tribute to Beirut, more than a year after the explosion of its port on August 4, 2020.

A sculpture not to forget

“The Gesture” embodies the pain and trauma the artist feels for the tragedy of the Beirut port. The sculpture, made from metal recovered from the explosion, now stands in the heart of the Lebanese capital. “I could not function and continue to live without offering a gesture to the victims of the explosion and the sadness of Beirut,” Karam explains. The work takes the form of a historical memorial.



“The Gesture” is typical of Nadim Karam’s work. It tends to both make statements and ask questions. The creator exhibits his thoughts and works throughout the Arab world, and each of them carries the weight of his philosophy. His creations have in common the questioning of human nature and its dichotomy: the void and the whole, the noise and the silence, are, for example, symbols of his creativity.

Nadim Karam is a contributor to “The Sublime Nature of Being”, an immersive and multi-sensory exhibition that recently opened at the DIFC in Dubai. His work “One Parade” is also on permanent display at AlUla.


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Publié le 17 February 2022