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Saudi Arabia enters Guinness World Records with world’s largest sustainable farm

Saudi Arabia has established a large-scale sustainable farm in Wadi Bin Hashbal, Asir region, which has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest sustainable farm.

The farm covers an area of 3.20 million square meters. This initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s wider goal to promote sustainability and food security, in line with global sustainability objectives.

The farm utilizes modern agricultural practices and technology. It is divided into two sections, each having a concrete reservoir with a capacity of 500 cubic meters, along with automatic irrigation networks for efficient water usage across all crops in both fields. The farm comprises five climate-controlled greenhouses that use treated water for irrigation, with oversight from experts and specialists to optimize water usage.

There are 50 fields dedicated to fruit tree cultivation, with plans to cultivate an additional 20 fields in the near future. The farm grows a variety of fruits and products such as lemons, oranges, mandarins, pomegranates, grapes, figs, almonds, and olives. Additionally, it houses over 14,000 trees, including 1,000 Sidr trees and 400 almond trees, growing eight different seasonal fruit trees.


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Strengthening agricultural research in Saudi Arabia

Operated under the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, the farm serves as a sustainable research project. It features 50 guide fields demonstrating best agricultural practices, along with advanced irrigation techniques using treated water.

The farm is hoped to contribute towards enhancing food self-sufficiency and environmental conservation. But it also functions as a research hub, with five protected and air-conditioned farms designated for research activities

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Publié le 24 October 2023

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