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Saudi women are safe drivers

Since women have been able to drive in the kingdom, it seems that the figures for traffic offenses committed by women are particularly low, which can upset some clichés…

It seems women are safer drivers than men after all. In any case, this is the conclusion that emerges from the first assessments drawn up by the authorities. 

While the first few weeks following the decree, in June 2018, saw a logical increase in the number of traffic offenses, the trend was quickly reversed. Statistics from the Saudi Ministry of Justice reported: “15,175 cases of traffic offenses involving women, including 4,459 in Mecca alone”. 

A declining figure

A statistic that could have been scary before considering that it was probably the result of the simple fact that until then, women simply did not drive. As a result, they could not engage in improper behavior on the road. QED. 

But this figure has fallen by 7% over the past 11 months, making Saudi women wise drivers, sometimes more so than men, whether the detractors of “women at the wheel” like it or not. 

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