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Saudi nurse donates her liver to save a child

A Saudi nurse has shown a heartfelt gesture by donating a part of her liver to a humanitarian organization in order to save a child’s life.

Abeer bint Atallah Al Anzy, a Saudi nurse living in Al Qasim province in Saudi Arabia, made a remarkable and uncommon gift. She donated a part of her liver to save the life of a little girl.

The nurse donated her organ to the Saudi Association of Charity to Patients with Liver Failures (Kabidak). She spoke directly to the president of the association Abdul Aziz bin Al-Humaid and expressed her wish to donate a part of her liver, with the aim of helping a child with a deficient liver.

A culture of organ donation

Bin Al-Humaid congratulated the nurse for her exceptional gesture. He praised the nobility of this initiative saying the nurse “made the Saudi people proud”.

In her great goodness, the young nurse did not just donate her liver to the charity, she also donated many of her gold jewelry to Kabidak. Behind this gesture, the nurse wishes to encourage and spread the culture of organ donation across Saudi Arabia.

Publié le 20 September 2018