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Shooting for the Stars, UAE is Poised to Make History

With less than two weeks before the country’s first-ever interplanetary mission slips into orbit around Mars, United Arab Emirates scientists can’t wait for the Hope orbiter’s arrival.

The UAE is about to reap the rewards of six years of work and planning, as they become the first Arab country in history to reach Mars and the 5th worldwide to do so. Their Hope probe, which left the Earth last year, has travelled nearly 493 million kilometers, and is on a final approach towards the red planet, where it is set to reach in a little over a week’s time. The entire journey has taken seven months.

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The burgeoning UAE space program’s venture is one for the history books. Not only is it the first from the region to make it to our planetary neighbor, it is also going to be the first probe of its kind to monitor the planet’s weather systems in a complete and holistic fashion, allowing researchers from all corners of Earth to access this never-before-seen data starting in April 2021. This will allow scientists to observe any changes in Martian climate across the planet’s entire surface.

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Publié le 30 January 2021