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The 3 best films shot in Jordan

Jordan is famous for its magnificent landscapes, the most famous of all being undoubtedly the archaeological site of Petra. This is probably why the country has been chosen to host the shooting of many well-known films over the years.

1) Lawrence of Arabia

Directed by David Lean, the film was shot at Wadi Rum in 1961. It tells the story of British Lieutenant Thomas Edward Lawrence, who left to support the Arabs in their fight against the Turks, allies of the Germans. On the spot, the soldier fell in love with the local populations and joined the insurgents’ troops. A cult film.

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2) Indiana Jones and the last crusade

This is the third part of the series of adventures of the famous American archaeologist. In this opus, the character played by Harrison Ford strives to stand up to the Nazis,
who have set out in search of the Holy Grail. It was the Knazeh in Petra that served as the setting for the final scene of the film

3) The Hurt Locker

This American film, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, won six Oscars, including those for best film and best director. It takes place during the Iraq war, and tells the story of an American demining unit. Fun fact: the film was partly shot in Jordan, in Amman, in the middle of Ramadan, so the teams had to respect the rules in force in the country, such as the ban on eating in front of people who were fasting.


Publié le 13 December 2019