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The Lebanese dance troupe that amazed England

The Lebanese dance troupe Mayyas, who won the 2019 edition of Arab’s Got Talent, gave a brilliant performance during the new season of the British version of the Tele-Hook.

They are called Mayyas, between 13 and 25 years old, and come straight from Lebanon. This troupe of young dancers has just amazed the jury and audience of Britain’s Got Talent. 

“Absolutely magical”

They successfully performed an ambitious choreography, on the song Enta Omry by Egyptian singer Umm Khultum, and received a standing ovation from a spellbound jury: “It was absolutely magical… I totally understand why you won Arab’s Got Talent”, exclaimed the actor and jury member David Walliams. 



In their presentation video, the young dancers proudly claim their status as women and their origin from the Middle East. While they were delighted to see the people of their country enjoy dancing, they are excited to be able to perform on English soil and showcase their talent to the world. 

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Publié le 18 September 2019