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The souk Qaisariah, a market steeped in history in the city of Al-Hofuf in Saudi Arabia

Considered one of the most beautiful souks in the kingdom, the Qaisariah market, in Al-Hofuf, fascinates for its 200-year-old history.

Historians are unanimous : the souk of Qaisariah was built in 1822. It is located in a green province that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site : Al-Ahsa. A region in the east of the country, which is full of historical monuments. It is therefore natural that palaces, towers and mosques complete the decor of the Qaisariah market.

A particular architecture and decoration

The comfort of the visitor is at the heart of the architecture of the souk. It is based on closed galleries and raised roofs, designed to provide natural ventilation and soft light. Also, the various stores have “dakas”, traditional terraces where visitors can sit. This is in order to better examine the merchandise and bargain! As for the owners of small shops, they too ensure their comfort thanks to “kabnaks”. Put in front of the door, these small pieces of furniture have drawers to store rice and coffee, but also a seat to rest.

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A vital economic role

The Qaisariah souk occupies a key place in Saudi Arabia’s economy. This is thanks to the various branches located there and the variety of the merchandise. Everything is available in this market: copper, gold, fabrics, shoes, perfumes, furniture, and of course fresh food products. During a stroll, the thousand and one riches of the kingdom are revealed.

Souk Qaisariah. Credits : Linda Polik (Flickr)

Publié le 22 May 2019