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3 newly starred restaurants in Dubai

Le guide Michelin vient tout juste d’attribuer ses prestigieuses étoiles à 11 restaurants de Dubaï. Ainsi, Michelin a récompensé les meilleures cuisines de l’Émirat, d’une ou de deux étoiles, ou encore de l’étoile verte, félicitant les établissements dont la cuisine s’inscrit dans la poursuite d’objectifs pour le développement durable. Kawa vous invite à la découverte de 3 restaurants nouvellement étoilés de Dubaï.

1. Al Muntaha, 1*

Located in one of the world’s most famous hotels, the Burj Al Arab, Al Muntaha has been awarded its first star. The restaurant offers fine dining in an unparalleled location. Italian chef Saverio Sbaragli, trained by Frenchman Alain Ducasse, serves modern cuisine with French and Italian flavors. The menu ranges from langoustine carpaccio to Australian Angus to red tuna tataki. From the 27th floor, the establishment offers a breathtaking view of Dubai, something to delight the eyes and taste buds.


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2. Il Ristorante, 2*

Niko Romito‘s restaurant celebrates Italian culture in the heart of Dubai’s upscale district. Il Ristorante offers a sophisticated style with Italian charm and a panoramic view of the Persian Gulf. Already acclaimed by the Michelin Guide, Niko Romito is the chef of 8 restaurants worldwide. In Dubai, he promises a tasty and modern meal, while keeping the taste simple. His dishes include king crab with caviar, Italian milk-fed veal and roasted squid with carrot sauce. A cuisine awarded with two stars, the highest award in the emirate.


3. Lowe, Green star


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Lowe’s offers an artisanal, contemporary and experimental concept. All products are seasonally selected and cooked entirely in a charcoal grill and wood-fired oven. Lowe’s has been awarded Dubai’s only green star for its sustainability efforts. Creative cuisine, the menu is based on oriental, rustic and accessible dishes, such as Hokkaido scallop toast and spicy lamb meatballs with sour cream, pine nuts, chickpeas and smoked chili butter. Lowe’s was also ranked #23 on the MENA Top 50 Restaurants list.

Publié le 22 June 2022