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5 things to see in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia

Between modern skyscrapers, surrounding desert and ancient architecture, the city of Riyadh is multi-faceted and constantly changing. Increasingly open to tourism, it offers travelers many attractions and sources of entertainment. Here are 5 things to see in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

1 – Al Masmak Fortress

Al Masmak Fortress was erected in 1865, in what is today the heart of the old city. A multi-purpose fort, it has fulfilled several roles since its construction, including barracks, ammunition depot and later a prison. Today, it is considered one of the most beautiful monuments to see in Riyadh. It has painted wooden doors, typical of oriental architecture, and a museum area displaying traditional clothing, weapons collections, and everyday objects.

2 – Graffiti Rock

Another thing to do from Riyadh is to take the road towards the Saudi Arabian desert. There, one hour from the capital, you will discover two major rock sites, named Graffiti Rock 1 and Graffiti Rock 2. A set of engraved rocks dating from several thousands of years before our era. On the spot, have fun deciphering the drawings and guess the animals that are represented! To find the exact location of this place, consult the Saudi Arabia Tourism Guide.

3 – The Sky Bridge at the Kingdom Center

Want to get some height? Go up to the 99th floor of the Kingdom Center, the 4th highest skyscraper in Riyadh. The high-speed elevator takes you to the Sky Bridge, perched 300 meters above the city. Glazed from floor to ceiling, the bridge allows you to admire the city from all angles, while being mesmerized by its ultra modern lines. A must-see experience for any stay in Riyadh.

4 – The National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia is worth a visit! With its 28,000 square meters spread over eight galleries, this place traces the history of the country through its culture and art. On the program: interactive exhibitions where you can discover in a playful way traditional crafts, ancient manuscripts, antiques, etc. A part is also dedicated to the economic and commercial activities of Saudi Arabia. A journey that starts from the outside with a modern architectural building and flowery gardens.

5 – Diriyah, first capital of Saudi Arabia

Once the capital of the kingdom, Diriyah is famous for its historic center -At-Turaif- listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This citadel is distinguished by its clay brick walls and narrow alleys. As part of an effort to develop tourism in the region, Dariya will host luxury resorts, restaurants, stores and a multitude of leisure activities. A modern touch for this city founded in the 15th century.

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Publié le 3 June 2022

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