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Algeria: a flourishing agricultural hub in the desert

The Algerian Sahara has become a true agricultural hub in Africa. Despite the arid desert that characterizes it, the El Oued region has flourished a rich and sustainable ecosystem, strengthening the country’s food security and economy.

For several decades, green plots have coexisted with the sand dunes of the El Oued desert. Indeed, with several hundred thousand hectares of crops, the region has become one of the richest and most surprising agricultural platforms in Algeria.

The Sahara: enemy or ally of agriculture?

Seeing the Sahara bloom is not among the most observed phenomena. Often linked to the idea of drought and aridity, desert landscapes have the advantage of a great luminosity. The constant presence of the sun allows farmers to produce against the season and in large quantities. Potatoes, tomatoes, onions and peanuts grow all year round.

Moreover, the sun has purifying properties. Indeed, the Saharan crops are preserved from many diseases thanks to the light rays. The use of pesticides is therefore not necessary and the products of the region are, for 75% of the cases, organic.


The Ghout technique: innovative and sustainable

The secret of the region’s oases lies in the use of modern technologies and the development of microsystems. The Ghout technique is also a Unesco World Heritage. Palm trees are planted directly above the water table, at the bottom of large funnels dug in the sand. The secondary plantations are then placed on the edge of the funnels and irrigated by balance wells, thus allowing an economical irrigation preserving the water resources.

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A platform for global agriculture

In recent years, Algeria has increased its agricultural ambitions. With a wide range of products, the country already exports its products to four continents. Algeria is now seeking to achieve food self-sufficiency by further developing its land. The Algerian government is counting on the country’s startups to find innovative Smart Farming solutions. The youth of the country should be a major asset for its sustainable development!

Publié le 28 June 2022