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48 hours in Djerba

Flaubert said of Djerba: “the air is so sweet that it prevents from dying”… And he was not wrong! With its golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters and ideal temperatures, this little Tunisian paradise is a must for all travelers curious to discover its secrets. 48 hours to discover these postcard landscapes.

Djerba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea with an area of 514 km2 and located east of the Tunisian east coast. It is located in the Gulf of Gabes, and has more than 160 000 inhabitants. The legend even tells that this place would have been crossed by Ulysses… 

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Houmt-Souk, the main city not to be missed 

It is the main city of the island, Houmt-Souk, that you should discover first… No doubt about it. You will fall directly under the charm of this lovely city, with its particular architecture, mixing whitewashed facades with ultra colorful and flowery stores. And it is in its multiple souks that you will find an infinity of spices but also local handicrafts or clothes, whether it is for lunch or to bring back souvenirs! 

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Need a moment of peace and quiet? 

Head to the center of the island, to Erriadh, where you will discover the most important synagogue of the country: the Ghriba! As beautiful as it is symbolic, this synagogue holds some of the oldest texts of the Torah, and welcomes the Jews of Djerba, one of the last Jewish communities in the Arab world. You will be amazed by its architecture, its white walls, and its superb decoration made of earthenware mosaic and stained glass. A must-see in Djerba!

Discovering Tunisian art 

Impossible to leave Djerba without having discovered the artistic treasures of the city and the places of expression of the artists of the whole world!

We call it Djerbahood! In the village of Erriadh, the walls are entirely covered with street art! To put it simply, it is an open-air museum that offers itself to you where you do not expect it. Since 2014, there are more than 250 works, perfectly integrated into the decor and to admire … !

If street art is an integral part of the culture of the country, the island also has museums as beautiful as exciting. On its side, the Lalla Hadria museum will allow you to admire an incredible collection of Islamic art, spread out in 15 galleries. Ceramics, carpets, jewels… festival of color guaranteed! As for the De Guellela museum, it offers you the possibility to discover the traditions and customs of Djerba: weaving, fishing, oil making, pottery, traditional clothes… You will be delighted 

A bit of idleness… 

What to do in Djerba on vacation? Go to the beach of course! Djerba is nicknamed the island of golden sands and it is not for nothing! 

Fine sand, turquoise water, beaches of several kilometers long… The island is full of beaches and small creeks, more or less frequented… 

We give you an appointment on the beach of Sidi Mahrez, located on the north coast, considered as the main beach of Djerba but especially as the most beautiful! Will you make your own idea!

If you are disappointed with this one, don’t worry, you will have plenty of choice 

Discovering the local life 

How to talk about what to do without going through the culinary stage

Go to the fish auction, whether you want to buy fish and ask a restaurant owner to grill it for you (yes, it’s possible) or whether you just want to watch the two lively men, perched on a platform, auctioning the fish… 

A unique and authentic moment not to be missed if you are looking for something to do in Djerba… 

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Published on 28 May 2021