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Dubai: they stumble upon the Batmobile from “The Dark Night

Two young residents of Dubai have just made a rather funny discovery. In the middle of the desert, they came face to face with the Batmobile used by Christopher Nolan in “The Dark Night” trilogy, which was lying around, abandoned.

Apparently, it was not a copy, but the original – well, one of the four. The Batmobile that these two young Indians have just found, abandoned in the desert of Dubai, is indeed the one that Christian Bale drove when he played the darkest of superheroes in the movies, for our great pleasure.

If we don’t really know how the car ended up sleeping in the middle of the desert, we can trace some of the car’s movements. In 2015, for example, it was put up for sale, already in Dubai, for the modest sum of one million dollars. A little later, in 2016, we remember an exhibition that took place near the Dubai Mall:


A car that does not lose value

Before being resold, we know that the car of Batman had cost during the filming (so in 2008) no less than $ 900,000 – 750,000 euros – to manufacture. In terms of value, it’s certainly something else than a city car for everyday use. A quick look at the technical specifications of this monster should delight enthusiasts of fine mechanics. Powered by a 5.7-liter Chevrolet Corvette V8 gasoline engine developing more than 500 horsepower, its top speed is estimated to be around 250 km/h. It’s not hard to imagine the acceleration that the previous owner must have shivered with in the middle of the dunes, especially since when the car picks up speed quickly, the front end rises up and gives the impression of a real bat swooping down on its prey. It sure helps to get into the role…

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Published on 19 April 2021