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Rihanna approves Jordanian-Romanian designer Amina Muaddi’s shoes

The vibrant shoes of the Jordanian-Romanian designer worn by all celebrities and stars like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa do not hesitate to appear with them. But it is 33-year-old singer Rihanna who has definitely approved these unique pieces to become the “muse” of the unofficial brand.

The young star turned designer now has an unparalleled collection of Amina Muaddi heels that she wears at every occasion, both on the red carpet and at charity galas and even during her leisure time. She was spotted wearing a pair of these famous heels in front of a restaurant in Los Angeles a few days ago.

A week earlier, to raise the level of the 40s outfits, the star, wearing a green Brain Dead sweatpants, a black camisole trimmed with lace and a green and white striped cardigan layered with a brown leather jacket lined with shearling, had accessorized her outfit with “her new everyday shoe” – according to Muaddi’s Instagram – a pair of white pointy-toe Ursina pumps designated by the half-Jordanian designer

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Rihanna’s passion for the brand was not lost on her designer, who took to Instagram this week to thank the superstar for “rocking her so consistently.”

According to British Vogue, Rihanna actually embraced the pieces after her longtime stylist, Jahleel Weaver, showed her the first prototypes. “But then she bought a few pairs herself via her personal buyer. She’s such a nice person. She sent me Fenty clothes when she started her own brand – I feel great when I wear them. There’s this approach, it feels like we’re channeling Rihanna” the designer said proudly. 

These shoes were finally the opportunity for the singer and the designer to set up new partnerships. Amina Muaddi then designed a special collection for the Fenty house, created by Rihanna, supported by LVMH, and received the FN Achievement Award 2020. At the request of the singer, a new collection will be released in November to highlight, once again, the pieces of her brand. 

The beginning of a success story for the Jordanian designer whose pieces are already resonating beyond the borders! 

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Published on 24 March 2021

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