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This documentary takes you on a journey to meet the sea turtles of Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency has just produced a documentary entitled Wild Abu dhabi: Turtles of Al Dhafra. If its main role is to make us discover the place, a secular secret, in which these majestic aquatic creatures will nest, the documentary will undoubtedly also have the merit of filling our eyes.

Green turtles have been feeding in the waters of the UAE for centuries, but the place where they will nest was unknown until relatively recently. However, a team of scientists has managed to unravel this mystery, and is the subject of this documentary produced by the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency

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Produced from images filmed over several years, the documentary follows the team as they monitor the nests and movements of the turtles. In addition to the information it provides on the lifestyle of marine reptiles, the program also allows us to put our finger on certain environmental realities that humans can no longer deny, such as the need to review their behavior and impact. 

Expected release

A total of 5,500 turtles are estimated to be living in the waters off Abu Dhabi. Approximately 1,500 of these are part of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle species. For this population, this would include some 150 nests that sit in the waters off Al Dhafra. 

Although it is not yet scheduled to be shown on our western screens, the documentary will soon be released at the VOX cinema in the emblematic Yas shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. No doubt, however, with a little patience, we too will be able to enjoy the entire program. In the meantime, we can console ourselves with the enticing images of the trailer here : 

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Published on 27 January 2021