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Heat wave: 5 of the hottest places in the world!

In the West, we often mesh with summer heat waves where temperatures are around 40 degrees. These heat waves can be surprising, unpleasant, and even dangerous for the most fragile populations. What can we say, then, about these 5 places, spread across the Arab world, which are on the list of the hottest in the world?

1 – Kebili, Tunisia

In this small town in southern Tunisia, thermometers showed 55 degrees in 1931. For many years, this peak was the absolute temperature record ever recorded on earth. Fortunately for the local inhabitants, the town is backed by an oasis, which allows them to react when the mercury is unreasonable.


2 – Mitribah, Kuwait

It is a weather station located in northwestern Kuwait. The temperature there reached the third highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth at 53.9 degrees. This is perhaps the least questioned of all measurements, since the infrastructure on site was primarily created to gather exactly this type of information.

3 – Azizyah, Libya

The city in the north of the country is the former world record holder for heat. Although it has now been replaced (the information is debatable according to meteorologists) by the Death Valley at Furnace Creek, California, the temperature is still frequently around 50 degrees in summer. This discourages the most heat-sensitive tourists.


4 – Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Surprisingly, it is in the month of June, which is known to be milder here, that the temperature reaches its maximum in this city of the northern state of Sudan located on the shores of Lake Nasser.


5 – Ghadames, Libya

This one is more controversial because it is impossible to verify the accuracy of the measurements, but this city and desert oasis located 650 km from Tripoli, which was one of the first fortified cities of the Sahara, would have experienced a peak temperature of no less than 55 degrees!


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Publié le 24 August 2020