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Netflix: a new 100% women Arabic series

If Netflix produces more and more foreign series, the Arab world has long been shunned by the streaming giant. Since Jinn, a series released in 2019, no content in Arabic had been produced by the American giant. Not surprising in this context that the new production AlRawabi School for Girls is so expected!

All the ingredients of a good teen drama

AlRawabi School for Girls has everything you would look for in a good teen movie: a non-mixed high school, a group of bullies, unsympathetic parents and a not-so-popular heroine who gets picked on. This is the story of Mariam, a teenager who wants to take her revenge against her tormentors. But she will learn slowly that the world is not as manichean as she thought…

A fully female team

The great novelty of this series? It was shot and produced by women only. A feminine touch that could change the whole perspective on teenage drama.

In a recent interview, director Tima Shomali said that her goal was for young Arab girls to be able to identify with her heroine and her daily life, as well as young girls from all over the world: “As a teenager, I felt the lack of shows that talked about young girls at that age. There wasn’t something that I could relate to that also entertained me. Today, there is still limited content directed at young people, particularly girls. That’s how the idea of creating a show that young girls around the world would relate to was born.” After all, this is a Netflix series that will be available in 190 countries.

And Shomali is not just anyone : before she started directing, she was a columnist for a decade, reporting on the daily lives of women in the Middle East. So one can only hope for an accurate perspective on what it’s like to be a teenager in AlRawabi School for Girls.

Check it out on Netflix on August 12.

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