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Netflix: a Saudi thriller series out soon

If you’re following the cinema and series release schedule, you probably already know that the Netflix streaming platform will soon be hosting the very first Saudi thriller series called “Whispers”.

Arab productions have recently become more present on major streaming platforms. After the lukewarm reception given to Jinn, the promise of an upcoming series by and with Egyptian star Hend Sabri, and the arrival on the red-and-black platform of the Saudi animated film Masameer the Movie, the region is moving into the spotlight with a new production, which promises breathtaking suspense.

Family Mysteries

Mark the date on your calendars: “Whispers” will be released on Netflix in less than a month, on June 20th. Available in 190 countries, the series will be subtitled in 20 languages, so that the vast majority of the population can enjoy its plot full of surprises: the series tells the story of a family that has to deal with the death of the family patriarch, whose mysterious past resurfaces a few days before the expected launch of his company’s new application.

A region full of hidden talents

The series, written by Roolan Hassan, and directed by Hana Alomair, will feature a myriad of new talents from the region such as actresses Shaimaa Al-Fadl, Mysoon Alruwaily, Elham Ali, or actors li Al-Sharif and Osama Al-Qass, whose careers will need to be closely followed.

Nuha Eltayeb, Netflix’s director of content acquisitions in the region, welcomes the arrival of these new programs on the platform: “Great stories can come from anywhere. We are delighted to be able to bring our users great Arabic content that is full of twists and turns.

Challenging societal codes

On 20 June, the Saudi Arabian production, which, according to the director herself, “features several unconventional female characters who really embody the reasons why this project is so close to my heart”.

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Publié le 28 May 2020


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