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The Saudi Film Festival Awards

The sixth edition of the Saudi Film Festival has just ended. Organized this year in virtual version because of the coronavirus, this film festival aims to promote the rising Saudi film scene and give visibility to the kingdom’s up-and-coming artists. Here is an overview of the 5 winners of this year…

1 – Jury Prize – Best Film

According to the festival jury, the best entry was “And When Do I Sleep? by Husam al-Sayed. This is a dreamlike adventure in which Adam, an insomniac, tries to follow the night calls of a female voice, without really knowing whether he is awake or in a dream.


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10 years ago I couldn't sleep for a month. and I wrote the film's idea and it went to slumber. little did I know it was the seed that planted "And When Do I Sleep?" Today I celebrate with everyone its first prize golden palm award at the @saudifilmfestival. I remember the night before this take. I gave you a track by @thiswilldestroyyoumusic and asked you to listen to just that. and to give me every feeling in that track. and you did everything beyond my expectations. I remember chocking behind the camera when I said cut. and I remember the tears on every one's face and mine. Thank you @fmhusein for being the most emotionally intelligent actress I've ever worked with. every scene with you was a breeze. and it has to do with everything that you do and take to heart. I'm glad I didn't listen to anyone who told me to explore my options for casting this role. no one could do it the way you did and the way I saw it.

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2 – Jury Prize – Best Documentary

“The Village”, by Mohammed al-Hammadi, won the prize for best documentary according to the jury. The film documents the life of a small village in the province of Al-Qatif, located on the Persian Gulf.


3 – Audience Award – Best Film

As for the spectators, they honored “Hajb”, by Mohammed Atabani, which means “blocked” or “hidden”, as the best film.


حبايبي احتاج دعمكم وتصويتكم لفيلمنا المشارك في مهرجان الافلام السعودية 🙏🙏🙏رابط التصويت 👇🏼وموجود ايضا في البايو رابط التصويت 😊هنا تكمل فرحتنا في نجاح هذا العمل من خلال تصويتكم عبر رابط التصويت الموضح أمامكم فيلم حجب Blockرقم الفيلم – 15 – ونهاية الصفحة تقدر تسجل تصويتك دعمك وصوتك يهمنا 😇 تحيات … عائلة فيلم حجب – block

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4 – Audience Award – Best Documentary

On the documentary side, they chose to award the prize to “Talal in Dakar”, which follows the participation of Talal el Badr in the Dakar 2020.



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