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This artist imagines Dubai under the snow!

Jyo John Mullor drew his inspiration from a dream he had one night: Dubai under a blanket of snow. Since then, this digital artist has turned his dream into art and revisited Dubai’s white landscapes.

The landscapes in Mullor’s work would seem quite familiar to residents of the Emirates, but there is one element that is particularly unusual for Emiratis: snow. Mullor, a digital artist, creates his paintings using a technique of layering real photographs. On average, each of the artist’s projects consists of about 20 layers of images, which takes about 15 hours to complete.


A map of Dubai covered in snow

Encouraged by the success of his idea, Mullor has expanded his collection to include many scenes of Dubai. His first batch includes snow-covered images of the Museum of the Future, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, the Dubai Metro, downtown Dubai, Expo 2020 and the Global Village. And he still hasn’t stopped there! After much excitement on social media, Mullor has been working on more images, this time including the Deira Clock Tower and the Hatta Mountains.


From art to reflection

However, Mulloor does not want to profit from this activity. Instead, he wants it to make people think. As a committed citizen of the planet, he hopes the photos will spark conversations, especially about climate change.

”It’s not that far-fetched and it could happen in the future. So I hope people will enjoy the photos, but also think about and discuss things like global warming.”

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Publié le 1 March 2022


#United Arab Emirates