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48 hours in Jeddah

The city’s official motto? “Jeddah ghair” or “Jeddah is different” and not for nothing! In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Djeddah is the most prestigious city on the Red Sea today. Located only 40 km from Mecca, it has become a true cosmopolitan city. The uniqueness of its old quarters and its architecture make this city the most attractive to travellers from all over the world, who never get bored. Kawa gives you four reasons to visit this must-see place in Saudi Arabia!

Getting lost in the historic city centre: Al Balad 

Built as early as the seventh century, the centre of Al Balad, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, exudes authenticity! Like a real labyrinth, the streets of the district intertwine while revealing the old tower-shaped houses of the city, discreet mosques or numerous open markets with the smell of incense, spices and local perfumes.

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Add to your itinerary Baeshen House, one of the coral stone and wooden buildings that form the perfect example of the majority of properties in Al Balad. After admiring this architectural and historical marvel, it’s impossible not to spend some time at Suq Al Alawi, Al-Balad to pick up beautiful souvenirs such as coral jewellery, leather goods and perfumes. 

Get a breath of fresh air on the Djeddah Corniche

With its endless sandy beaches and shady lanes, this corniche has always been one of the city’s symbols. The area offers activities for the whole family to enjoy, from water sports to cycling the 4.2 kilometres of corniche or walking along the Red Sea, parents and children alike will not be bored. 

Renovated in 2017, along the seafront features the finest works of art, including some by masters such as Henry Moore and Joan Miró, restored to their full glory and presented in a magnificent open-air museum stretching across a park of almost seven kilometres… 

But don’t get too carried away, there’s still plenty to do!

Discover the Obhur seabed 

Do you love scuba diving? You will definitely find your happiness! Thanks to the city’s position in relation to the desert, the climate allows you to discover the sea bed at any time of the year. And the Red Sea offers excellent opportunities for this activity.

Visit Boiler Wreck and Miss Marie Wreck, both of which offer the chance to explore submerged wrecks and reefs.

Visit the Al Rahma Mosque, also known as the ‘Floating Mosque’.

A major attraction in Jeddah, this mosque is built on pillars and appears to float on water. Built in 1985, this building is still in use and is a magnificent example of modern Islamic architecture and well worth a visit.

To really enjoy its beauty, pay attention to the time of day! Choose a time when the tide is high, to make the most of the optical illusion for which this place of worship is famous. And if the high tide coincides with dawn or dusk, the spectacle is even more breathtaking!

Have you got any time left? Don’t forget to spend some time in the souk Gabel Street to find the perfect gifts to bring back: perfumes, leather bags and shoes, and jewellery.

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Published on 22 July 2021