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World Interior Design Festival: Dubai among 111 selected designers

111 ! That’s the number of projects selected to participate in the World Interior Design Festival, which will take place on the first weekend of December 2021. This three-day event for architecture professionals is considered the largest design competition. A look at the two Dubai projects selected for the festival.

For years now, this festival has been known as the place where the design community comes together to share expertise and learn from each other. It is the only design competition where you can present your project to a jury of experts and live at the festival.

But the event is also an opportunity to showcase the talent of two Dubai-based interior designers, proudly named as finalists by the jury: Opus, home of the ME Dubai, the only hotel whose interior and exterior were designed by the late Zaha Hadid, and Presentedby, the luxury trainer and streetwear resale shop located in the Dubai Mall. 

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Presentedby, the trainer resale shop

Designed almost more as an experiential space than a traditional shop, the shop features 3D printed mesh walls and interactive floor projections that look more like an exhibition space.

The walls, with their sinuous shapes, are inspired by the technologies used by fashion brands to produce trainers. Thanks to this design, the trainers are also displayed diagonally, allowing customers to have a complete view of the collections from every angle.

We are very proud to be among the shortlisted projects in the retail category of the Inside festival. The retail sector needs a revolution and with Presentedby we had the chance to stimulate a new creative vision worldwide“, says Carmelo Zappulla, its creator. 

Located in the centre of the shop, the experience room features a collection of the most exclusive trainers, which can be seen as a mini trainer museum. There is also a holographic projection show that gives the room a sense of infinite space.

Environmentally conscious External Reference, which also designed the Presentedby shops in London and Paris, touts the shop’s green credentials, explaining that its design absorbs 38 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year

Opus and ME Dubai by Zaha Hadid Architects

Externally, Opus has been designed as two separate towers that meet in the form of a cube, with a large void in the middle that spans eight floors. The towers are connected by a four-storey atrium at ground level and a three-storey bridge more than 71 metres above the ground! 

The interior of the void is illuminated at night by a constellation of lights, each individually controllable, embedded in the corrugated glass.

The building is home to the recently opened five-star ME Dubai Hotel, which opened in March 2020 and features 93 rooms, including 19 suites, and three food and beverage outlets.

The huge lobby is located directly under the Opus void, which also forms the lobby’s glass ceiling. From here, visitors can glimpse three floors of galleries with projecting balconies that surround the space.

The white marble floors contrasting with the gold edges of the seating, the curved furniture and the burgundy upholstery were created especially for the property by Zaha Hadid Design, the company’s interior design arm.

Well done to these two finalists who are still showcasing their talents to the world!

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Published on 29 July 2021

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