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Razane Jammal: a Lebanese actress at DC Universe

The Lebanese-British actress Razane Jammal has just joined the cinematographic universe of DC Comics. She will play Lyta Hall, a heroine of the Furies, affiliated to Wonder Woman.

Most of us knew her for her role in the Paranormal series, but Razane Jammal’s fame is about to get much better, as it has just been announced that she will be starring in the new Netflix series “Sandman”, alongside various stars such as Gwendoline Christie or Tom Sturridge. 

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Sandman follows the adventures of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, played by Tom Sturridge. She will play Lyta Hall, a heroine of the Furies, daughter of Wonder Woman, and incidentally best friend of one of the main actresses of the series.

Delighted to learn that she had been selected for the role, Jammal sent a message to her nearly 150,000 followers on Instagram: 

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It remains to be seen if the series will finally allow the DC Comics cinematographic universe to change gear, and reach the level of Marvel’s. We, in any case, can’t wait to binge all this!  

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Publié le 1 June 2021