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Manga Production’s first-ever Saudi-Japanese animated film to be released in cinemas soon

It’s official! The first Saudi-Japanese animated film entitled “The Journey”, translated “Le Voyage” into French, should be released in theaters in the Middle East in early summer 2021. A date announced through its trailer by Manga Productions.

The assurance of a unique experience for its viewers

“Presented as a preview thanks to 4DX technology, this feature film will offer its viewers throughout the region a unique cinematic experience” announced Manga Productions in a press release. Directed by Director of Animation Shizuno Kobun, The journey is the result of a collaboration between young Saudi talents and the major Japanese studio TOEI Animation

Directed by the director of animation Shizuno Kobun and inspired by Arab folklore, the script of this very first Saudi-Japanese animated film retraces the epic story of a group of men who have never known war, forced to arm themselves to protect their city against an offensive of disproportionate size.

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A trailer that promises cinematic success

Broadcast for the first time at the Berlinale Film Festival in Germany, its trailer can now be viewed on all Manga Productions platforms as well as VOX cinemas

For the director of Manga Production Essam Bukhary, “the film will offer the audience a unique and exceptional experience thanks to the high level of its production made by talented and experienced professionals from Japan and Saudi Arabia”.

For his part, Toni Al Massih, head of content at VOX Cinemas, is also excited about the release of the film, which he describes as “one of a kind” as it tells a Middle Eastern story using the artistic style of Japanese anime.

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The desire to export Saudi culture beyond the Eastern borders 

Marking the beginning of a new adventure for the Arab film industry, the availability of its trailer in the Middle East and abroad reveals Saudi Arabian willingness to export its vision of culture and historical legends still too little known to the general public but also to highlight creative and positive content targeting different local and international social groups.

Manga Productions, a subsidiary of the MISK Foundation of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, focuses primarily on the production of value-added animation and the development of video games and comic strips.


Don’t miss the date because there is no doubt that this film will be a great success with lovers of the genre!

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Published on 3 March 2021

#Arab Cinema