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Revamped Lotus sets up shop in Bahrain

Le constructeur anglais a entièrement réinventé son image et changé de direction commerciale pour se positionner sur un branding plus accessible et plus mainstream. Dans ce contexte, il a opéré son nouveau lancement physique en inaugurant un showroom au Moda Mall, un centre commercial situé à Bahreïn.

The new Lotus retail showroom in Bahrain, located in the Moda Mall in the heart of Manama, should quickly become a must-see for car enthusiasts.

This is where they will soon find the all-new Emira and perhaps even the Evija, the company’s first all-electric “hypercar”, due to be launched later this year. As for the Lotus Exige Final Edition, a sort of “race car for the road”, it should also be on sale before the end of this year.

The EV Evija, the company’s first 100% electric car. Photo credits: Lotus

In the meantime, it is the Lotus Evora GT that takes center stage in this space, managed in partnership with Adamas Motors, which distributes the cars in the Middle East.

Declaration of love

This establishment, beyond the strategic choice to appropriate a market of high-end cars very alive in the Middle East, is a great proof of confidence of the British manufacturer in the development potential of the region, around which it has chosen to focus its new project.

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Publié le 13 August 2021